Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Allow me to introduce myself!!!! - by Sharon King

Hi my name is Sharon King,

and I am a Salvation Army Officer working in Waltham Abbey, Essex. I have been a Church Minister in the Salvation Army for 32 years and have lived in many different places including, Guernsey, Ramsgate, Dublin, Burnley, Blackpool, Hemsworth in Yorkshire, Shaw in Lancashire, Tring in Hertfordshire, Stanford le Hope in Essex and now since July this year in Waltham Abbey.

have enjoyed many different hobbies over the years including  Cross Stitch, Tapestry, Patchwork, Quilting and Knitting. In more recent years I have been a keep paper crafter and have enjoyed card making and scrapbooking. 

Over the last 2 years I have been dipping my toe into Christian Meditation through art. My interest in this started after I read a book by Sybil McBeth called Praying in Color. I found this to be a helpful tool in my personal prayer time, and so continued to develop this way of praying.

As I investigated this further I came across Mary Fleeson's colouring books from Lindisfarne Scriptorium. (This was long before the colouring craze began!!!!) Once again I found these to be helpful in my time of payer as the colouring became a meditative process allowing me to focus more.

Earlier this year I could not contain my excitement when I discover the Bible Art Journalling Facebook Group, I joined the group and was really inspired by all the really God blessed art works. I purchased a Journalling Bible but have to admit I struggled to overcome the thought of desecrating God's Word by doing my art in it, I also had to learn that although I can't draw and think my art work is basic, the most important thing was to worship God through this new art form.

And so I stepped out in faith and my Bible Art journalling began in my Bible and also in a Journal.

I also joined the Bible Art Journaling UK group, and had the privilege of attending one of Deborah Gregg's  workshops. She introduced me to some mixed media ideas including using watercolours and acrylics.

I am now a member of this blog team and who knows where God is going to take me next, but I am ready to fasten my seat belt and enjoy the ride!!! How about you?!!!!!!!

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