Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Creating Postcards - by Sharon King

I am privileged to be on a Sabbatical at the moment. This is giving me time to enjoy new experiences. To think, to listen and to pray. A little while ago a friend challenged me to have a go at designing my own postcards.

I decided to take this further and develop a Bible Study on which I could base the postcards upon.

So far I have prepared two studies, the first one being on Grace. These are the cards I have designed. The format will be that we will study God's Word which will lead us to a deeper meaning of what grace means for us personally.  Then there will be opportunity to create some Bible Journaling of our own, or use the cards I have designed. I will encourage those taking part to colour in the card and as they do, to pray for somebody specifically and if they fill led, to write a short message on the card and then send it to the person concerned.

I am in no ways an artist and I definitely don't draw very well but these are the cards I have designed for the study on Grace.

I have also prepared some cards for a study on Psalm 23.

I hope this encourages you to have a go at something different, and allow God to use you through what you do for Him.

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