Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Acrylic Paint in your Bible! by Claire Graham

You put acrylic paint ... in your Bible!!
Yes! And I love it :-) I love the vividness of colours that acrylics bring and also the many different ways you can use them... here's just a few...
Scraping with a card - literally put a dot of acrylic paint on the edge of an old gift card or similar and scrape it across the page...

I've learnt the hard way that some colours work better than others (if you want to see the text once you're done!) and to use the tiniest amount of paint... 

Smearing with a baby wipe- again, just use a small amount on the wipe and smear away, the colours are a bit muted this way but you can definitely read the words through afterwards! 

Using the wrong end of a paintbrush ... dip it in the acrylic paint and use to make beautiful dots of colour... when dry the page is beautifully tactile too! 

Or... paint with it! Thinning the paint with water or liquitex matt medium helps to make it more translucent.

You could also splatter it off a stiff brush or old toothbrush.

Or print with it (for this page I turned a loo roll into a heart and secured it with an elastic band and then printed with it)

As I've mentioned before I'm an avid page preparer and always use liquitex matt gel medium to prepare my pages... in theory if you're using acrylics on a Bible page you don't need to as when the acrylic dries it forms a plastic-like barrier... but it depends how much of the page you're covering with the paint and what else you're using on it ... it's up to you if you risk it or not ;-)

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