Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Prayer Journaling by Jane Butcher

I haven’t contributed anything for quite a while and have really enjoyed seeing some of the amazing blogs shared by some lovely ladies.

Today I’m going to be thinking about prayer journaling, same techniques, same skills, just coming from a slightly different point of inspiration.

Prayer is our opportunity to spend time in direct, one to one
conversation with our Lord.Time to share, time to listen, time to be quiet.

I love to pray and I love to hear those people who just have such a special way of expressing themselves in prayer. My friend Jean Craven is one of the most beautiful pray-ers I know, I could listen to her for hours, her heart just pours forth love, faith and hope. I am no longer unnerved by the request to pray out loud, or even more scary,  to pray in a group without previous warning but personally I find I express myself better when I write my prayers down.

Prayer cannot be measured against anyone else.
We can all pray, we just need to find our own voice!
As I pray I like to draw, create a picture, find little phrases which support or enlarge my thoughts. I may write a poem or a letter to God or I may simply write down whatever God has laid on my heart.

Prayer is an act of worship.
It is beautiful.
It is love.
I can so easily fall into the shopping list trap, my prayer time becoming nothing more than a recitation of needs, personal or otherwise, sprinkled with an occasional thank you. When I journal my prayers although I still share my hopes, fears and requests with my Lord I also find myself becoming more focused on Him, more focused on worship, praise, thankfulness and hope in abundance.

As with Bible Journaling, Prayer Journaling is a way of engaging with and relating to our Heavenly Father in a manner which allows us to be entirely ourselves, expressing ourselves according to His divine and perfect plan for us. There is no right or wrong, there is no good or bad, there is only faith, love, hope and joy.

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