Tuesday, 3 January 2017

A Word in season...Slow Journaling by Lindsey Campbell

During my journaling journey, I have tried lots of ways of connecting with God’s word and meditating through art, but sometimes we can get “bogged down” or even lose our creativity.
In these times, as well as leaning on the lovely work of other journalers (thank you, Bible Art Journaling UK!), many people turn to “quick journaling” – short pieces, taking five minutes or so, and often with limited space.

I’m also finding, though, that sometimes we need to focus on a message over a long time. Many of us adopt a word or verse for a whole year, or a “season” at least. This is not the place for quick journaling.

Instead, I have discovered “slow journaling” – that has helped me through a season of my life. Working on a single piece of Bible Art over several weeks, and having the unfinished piece on display to constantly remind me of the verse, has helped me to focus on the words – cling to them, apply them, pray about them.

I started with the “word” I needed to focus on and drafted it, wrote it and flooded it with colour – the beauty of this technique is that you can use very slow-drying media (such as Pebeo Prisme).

More words came later…..followed by the start of a background.

Another day, the background was smudged and watered…..

And a week later some fruity colour was printed using bubble wrap…..

The “season” is not yet over for this verse, as I adjust to my life changing direction, and so the piece is not complete.

Some more words have been added, but still the unfinished piece sits on display – an ongoing reminder that I am also a “work in progress”  but that God – the ultimate artist has not finished with me yet either.


  1. Hi Lindsey, Thanks for this. I've spent about six months bubbling around that one word 'hope'. This is really beautiful and a reminder that it's OK to just focus in that one place until you've heard what you need to hear. I'm at the point where I'm cautiously beginning to write and paint again after a half year of exhaustion and dried-up-ness, so this was a real encouragement to me that It's ok to start slowly. Thanks, Ellie x

  2. I'm so encouraged that you found this helpful. Our journey to fullness in Christ is a life-long one, and it's OK to rest along the way. God bless you as you continue your journey x