Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Share with Joy! by Tracy Southam

Comparison Is the Thief of Joy - Theodore Roosevelt
I have always enjoyed arts and crafts, excited by the new and keen to keep adding to my craft skills and abilities. As part of my journey I have been fortunate to meet some wonderful people who share their skills. I have also used my own gifts to teach and inspire others.  

At no point do I profess to be an expert in any of the crafts I enjoy and have no desire to use them to sell myself as such. I do what I do for relaxation, for enjoyment and usually to bless others with what I make.

As part of my craft journey I love to get inspiration from Pinterest, Facebook, craft pages, Blogs and other groups and love the creative buzz that occurs.  

It takes courage to share what you make and and create and the side that frustrates me with these creative spaces is the people who are frightened to share what they make as they feel it does not compare to others abilities. 

If God had made us all the same there would not be the wonder in the world he created and trust me most of the "expert" crafters don't always have successes with what they make and had to start somewhere.

"God made you exactly who he wants you to be. Seek him with all of your heart and become the best you" 1 Thessalonians

I felt driven to write this blog post after doing the following journal page called 'I Quit' which was an Illustrated Faith printable (www.illustratedfaith.com). This was inspired by Matthew 11:28 ESV:
 "Come to me all who labor and are heavy laden and I will give you rest."

I also created the following page from 1 Peter 5v7 "Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you"

My wish for you all, friends, is to be proud of the you God created and to share the work you create for him with Joy (if you want to of course)! There may be people who don't like it but you are doing it for your time with God and for the occasional person who doesn't like it there will be another 2 who are inspired to do something new so........

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