Tuesday, 15 September 2015

A cluster of pages - by Sarah Anderson

Hi, my name's Sarah and as an art journaler I was thrilled to learn about bible art journaling early last year.  I love playing with paints, ink, stamps etc in my journals and have always felt that this could be a way of also meditating on truths but I find it tricky to add words to my journal pages....

....although I have successfully challenged myself to!  I really shouldn't have been surprised after praying and asking God to give me a new passion for reading the bible that I 'came across' bible art journal pages.  He knows me so well ;)

When art journaling in my bible, I find I approach the pages differently to those in my art journals.  I start with the bible verse (rather than playing with paint etc and seeing what happened!) and spend time playing with fonts and really taking in what I am writing.

And sometimes those pages stay just like that!

Other times though I'll add some imagery and I've found that this helps me link themes through my bible...

...stars definitely being a recurrent one!

Sometimes I journal the verse as it is written in my NIV version but I usually note down a different version such as the wonderful Passion translation, the Amplified version or the Mirror bible, or study notes/reflections of my own.

So that's me!  I'm looking forward to being able to share step by step photos to creating pages in my bible on the blog but we also have a Bible Art Journaling UK Facebook group where we all share what we've been creating.  Just contact us and we'll let you know how to join

Happy Tuesday!!

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