Saturday, 12 September 2015

About Bible Art Journaling - by Deborah Gregg

So what is Bible Art Journaling all about? I thought it might be helpful to start with a quick basic overview to help explain what we do and why, there may be some of you reading this who are quite new to all this, and maybe you have just found our blog somehow and are wondering what it's all about.

As Christians, when we read our Bibles and pray, we often find that we are drawn to particular words, verses or passages in the Bible that are particularly meaningful to us. We find that this is often how God may speak to us through the Bible by the Holy Spirit.

We may then decide to write out a key word, a verse, a passage of Scripture, the lyrics to a hymn or worship song, a prayer, some thoughts and reflections etc, and decorate the page in many, many creative and artistic ways!

Some of us like to create some visual artwork in an Art Journal, maybe something like this:

And some of us like to create some visual artwork in a special Journaling Bible, or sometimes in a regular Bible, maybe something like this:

It doesn't matter how artistic - or not – you think you are. It's about being open and willing and just enjoying the experience of spending time in the Word of God and being creative in your response to what God has been showing you.

It's been proven that you are more than twice as likely to remember something if it is also linked with an image. If it's an image that you've created yourself, then just imagine the impact on your thoughts and memory! So Bible Art Journaling can help us to learn and remember key verses and really get the Word of God into our hearts and minds.

We appreciate that this may not be for everyone, but we are definitely finding that more and more people are interested in Bible Art Journaling, and are keen to have a go!

If you'd like to join the Bible Art Journaling UK Facebook Group, please contact us and we can let you know how to join!

Love in Christ,

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