Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Joseph Bible Journaling - by Ben Butcher

Hi, it’s me, Ben again, this time I am looking at my favourite Bible story, Joseph. I love this story and I really love the musical!
Joseph went on a journey from a very young age, he was tortured, beaten up, abandoned and led through temptation, but, God pulled him through all of that and brought him safely to Egypt where he was reunited with his family.

What Joseph and his coat means to us
We are chosen to be children of God, adopted in His family. He has a purpose for all of us and He stays close to us as we walk with Him through our daily lives.

What Joseph’s time in prison means to us
God is always with us, He never lets of His children. He has bigger plans for us than the world does and He will make a way for them to happen. The biggest plan of all is for us to be with Him in heaven for eternity.

What Joseph’s time in Egypt means to us

Joseph rejoiced when he was finally reunited with his family, we can rejoice too because God will bring us through safely, He has promised that He will never let go of His children, he never lets us move out of His care and one day we will be reunited in heaven, one big family.


  1. Thank you, Ben! You've given me some things to really think about and thank God for! Anne x

  2. This is awesome Ben. I really enjoyed your blog post and pictures. I really love the Joseph in prison illustration, it says so much and I love the design. Thanks for the good for thought and encouragement :-)))

  3. this is fab Ben, thank-you for your explanation of Joseph's story and what is shows of God's love to us :-)

  4. What a fantastic lesson and inspiring artwork, thank you Ben.

  5. Nice one Ben. Joseph was a colourful character, wasn't he? God used him and we can all draw a lesson or two from him.