Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Greetings all, this week I'm coming to you in my role of roving reporter!

Saturday November 7th saw our second Bible Journaling get together at Winsford salvation Army. You always hope that your numbers will go up and I'm delighted to report that our numbers did indeed increase! We were delighted to welcome Jean, Sarah, Yvonne, Cynthia and Jacky to our ranks.

We are blessed by the diversity of our group; our youngest member Hannah is just eleven, we have ben and Claire who have Downs Syndrome and the rest of us range in age, artistic background, experience and talent!

Our time together began with Ben opening in prayer, followed by a thought for the day from Jo Boardman. Her challenge for us all was to find the courage to step outside our comfort zones.

Her challenge was soon put to the test! Sarah Anderson generously shared her time, talents, inspiration and encouragement and led those who wished to in an excursion into "play". We let go of our feelings of inadequacy, perfectionism and lack of imagination and had fun using gelli plates, brayers (a roller by any other name!) acrylic paints, stencils and leaves.

Our tentative first foray into releasing our creativity led to all achieving a final piece of art which we were satisfied with.

What I find most exciting about these opportunities to journal together is hearing the chatter and laughter as people who may have only met face to face that morning share their lives; hopes, worries, words of encouragement and support.

Though the lives we return to may be very different we come together as friends, united by our shared faith, our love of the Lord, our love for His Word and our hearts to know Him more.
What is just as exciting to know is that these groups are now meeting together all around the world. Whether in a large group, a small group, couples or even alone I suspect that someone somewhere is worshipping God through Bible Journaling every second of every twenty four hours.

Ben spoke of revival in his prayer and in many ways I believe that Bible Journaling has indeed brought revival in the hearts and lives of all those who have found this way to pressing in closer to God. Bible Journaling is the epitome of inclusivity; young children, teenagers; boys, girls; men, women; artist, writers; people with special needs, all languages, all denominations. All are welcome, all have something precious to share.

For anyone contemplating setting up a group, to quote Nike, "just do it!" Don't get caught up in over planning and worrying; take that step out of your comfort zone. You don't have to be an expert, you don't have to be the greatest artist; you just have to trust and take that step of faith.
                          Where two or three are gathered...
And finally, our journaling for the day, and of course food for the body!


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