Thursday, 26 November 2015

Created in God's Image - by Martin Brocklebank

Today's blog post is written for us by Martin Brocklebank.
Martin is a writer, creative artist and an encourager, as you might have noticed from his posts in the group! 
Oh, and he also happens to be Deborah's Dad and next door neighbour! Here, he shares with us all some of his thoughts about Bible Art Journaling.

       “God is the creator. He made the whole universe,
the sun and planets, moon and stars. He made the
earth and He made you and me.”
        “Yeah, yeah I know all that.”
        “He made you and me in His image. So if God is
the Creator and we are made in the image of God,
that means we should be creative.”
        “But I’m not creative.”
        “Don’t listen to the lies of the enemy.”
        “But I can’t draw and I can’t paint. If I try they
come out like matchstick men.”
        “Oh, like L S Lowry?”
        “I never thought of that.”
        “You probably never thought that Lowry or Van
Gough started out knowing nothing about painting.
But they practiced and practiced and practiced. In fact
Van Gough painted over 300 paintings of sunflowers.
        So when you nervously take pen to paper in your
new Journaling Bible remember it’s in your GGDNA
(God Given DNA) to be creative. All we have to do is try,
try and try again.
        So let’s hear no more ”It’s not very good.” Instead
let’s hear “I’m enjoying being creative, as God intended,
and I’m getting better!”


  1. Such truth! I super love this blog post and your journaling creations :-)))

  2. I love your work Martin, is that your own hand writing? 😊

  3. Btw, it was s'posed to be a smiley face at the end, not 2 diamond-shaped question marks!! ;-)