Tuesday, 8 March 2016

How to Get Unstuck! by Deborah J Gregg

Hi everyone, it's Deborah again with a quick post today about what to do when you sit down to do some Bible Art Journaling, but you feel a bit stuck....

I'm sure I'm not the only one who suffers with occasional lack of inspiration. Where the blank, white page stares back at me, daring me to come up with something beautiful.

When my art supplies surround me, and yet I just can't settle on whether to use pencils, pens, gelatos, watercolours, etc.

Where I've finished my tea and biscuits and haven't even made a mark.

Here's my top tips for 'How to Get UnStuck':

1. Pray! Take a moment to commit it all to God. To thank Him for all His goodness. To praise Him for His great love for you.

2. Read the Bible! Re-read the passage you are led to, prayerfully, asking God to reveal His Word to you and to inspire you to respond creatively as you read. Maybe try reading a Psalm if you haven't read one already - it may help put you in a different mindset of thanksgiving and praise.

Gone green for this one! Horizontal stripes are great and make it easy to line up your words

When you've settled on a verse or passage you feel you'd like to journal:

3. Pick a colour - any! Your go-to favourite colour, or maybe try using something different for a change! Or if you are now feeling more inspired, pick two colours that either complement or contrast! Add the colour to the page to create a background, using whatever medium you want to...pencils, gelatos, paints, collage papers, etc. Make it as simple or complicated as you like. Use plain colour, or add dabs, stripes, patterns or doodles.

I love this verse! Acrylic paint background in blue & toned down with some white, added words with Sharpies and metallic marker to highlight

4. While the page is drying take some scrap paper and practice writing out your words, playing with the arrangements of the letters, size, font etc.

5. Take a black (or coloured) pen and add your words on your page. Embellish if you want to with doodles, stamps, metallic or glitter pens etc.

6. Sit back and breathe.... Pray again and enjoy looking at the verse you have just journaled. Take a moment to allow it to sink in and wash over you.

It's so important to enjoy the process, and I pray that this simple approach may help you as you soak in God's Word and unlock your creativity.

Of course, if you happen to get stuck while journaling with others, you can take a moment to pray together, and it's really great to share ideas and tips. 

And don't forget, we have such a lovely community in our Facebook group and we love to support and encourage one another. If you do get stuck, you can always give us a shout and we are here to help! :-)

Added diagonal stripes using watercolour paints. Added words filling in between diagonal pencil lines. 

I don't often use pink, but it's good to try different colours now and then! 

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