Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Indescribable God! by Anne Tell

I have always enjoyed a walk in the country, along the coast, or up a mountain (using cable cars I hasten to add!). While doing this I also enjoy time with God marvelling at all He has created, that is on show for us to see and take pleasure from. 
Has it ever occurred to you that we only ever see a fraction of what God created both here on earth or the heavens above?
God didn't just create a bird He created hundreds of birds (No, I haven't counted them all so I could have underestimated that!). He also created many different animals, fish, stars, galaxies and so on. 

Look at the colours you have in your paint box, colouring pencils, pastels etc. We don't just have green, blue, red we have many shades and tones not to mention the colours we can't see at the ultra and infra ends of the spectrum.

When I turn my eyes to the heavens, and look to the stars (I just love the winter skies for this) I realise I am long sighted, as are we all, I just have no idea how far we are looking to see them.

Do a search on Google for 'how big is God?' Be prepared to have your mind blown, as distances can have upward of 15 zeros after the number! In the colouring below I set out to make each bird different. There are only 11 but I was beginning to struggle!

No snowflake is the same, I have no idea how many fall in one snow fall! 

Our finger prints are different as is our DNA. 

All this and God wants to know us; we have His Word, Creation, and so on (Ps 139) you can add your own favourite verse or passage to this. 

This is God, interested in the big and the small, including us 😀. 

Want to know more? I recommend you get hold of the DVD 'Indescribable' and watch that (Louis Gigglio and Matt Redman) and/or read 'I Am Not but I Know I Am' (Louis Gigglio). 

As you create your next interpretation just remember/contemplate how our God enjoys interacting with us.


  1. thankyou for this Anne, reading a book along similar lines at the moment ;-)

  2. thankyou for this Anne, reading a book along similar lines at the moment ;-)