Tuesday, 22 March 2016

My Journey into God with Colour - by Evelyn Murphy

Hi everyone, my name is Evelyn. When Deborah asked me to share on the blog I was amazed at how Awesome our God is. Finding Art recently has helped me so much.

I can also show how the Scripture has affected me personally, using colour, during my study time. I love grabbing my Bible, Windsor and Newton watercolours and water brush and play with colour. I never knew colour could excite me so much. 

I have been on a journey recently, finding out who Jesus really is and I am also finding out who I really am. This is an amazing time in my life. I am spending time with Jesus. Wow...the Prince Charming that I had dreamt of years ago doesn't even come close. I know you know what I am talking about!

How lucky are we that Jesus wants to spend time with us. He will never lie, cheat, steal or let you down in any way. No, He will LOVE you! 

He will always be romantic, no more forgotten birthdays. He is better than perfect. He protects us and He is so strong. You can't even begin to imagine the life that He has planned ahead of you. I am excited about life, all my hope is truly in Him.

I am looking forward to sharing my Art with you and get to know you all along the way. xoxo


  1. this is really lovely Evelyn, thank-you for sharing your art...and your heart <3

  2. My namesake and sister in the Lord thank you for your thoughts and encouragement